All data sent to HUB.Educacional is managed by the Institution and will be integrated with EdTechs only as authorized by the Institution.


  • user: entity with the information of each user according to the roles below
    • Student
    • Responsible
    • Teacher
    • Director
    • Coordinator
    • Administrator
    • Collaborator
  • section: entity with the information of a section
    • Can represent a room or a section
    • Students can be linked to one or several sections
  • subject: information about the institution's disciplines
    • They can have any name, as long as the basic discipline is indicated
      • We use the curriculum components of MEC as a basis
    • To see: data dictionary
  • term**:** information the school term
    • Definition of beginning and end
    • There may be several periods, but only 1 asset
    • Classes and their links between student and teacher are always linked to an academic term



  • Relationship between classes and students
  • Relationship between classes, teachers and subjects


  • Relationship between parents and students


  • insert : Insert the object
  • delete : Updates the object
  • update : Remove an object


All entities have the operations above.


Relationships have no update.