API Events is a useful feature for sending usage events from an application to the HUB. These events are sent and logged on the HUB reporting platform.


    "x-api-key": /*APIKEY*/
  • BODY
    "event": {
        "us": "00189D71-2D26-11EB-BDBD-0A190BAE2C86",
        "dt": "1644452533",
        "ev": "CLOSE_APP",
        "app": "4BDA3776-452A-11EB-BDBD-0A190BAE2C86"

In the event object there are 4 mandatory attributes:

  • us : attribute with the id of the hub user
  • dt : attribute with event date
  • ev : attribute with event type
    • ALIVE: Registers that the application is being used
    • OPEN_APP: Logs when application is loaded
    • CLOSE_APP: Registers when application is closed
    • HIDDEN_STATE: Logs when the application loses focus or is minimized
    • VISIBLE_STATE: Registers when the application is maximized and focused on the user's screen
    • CHANGED_VIEW: Event to trigger when the user modifies the viewed page
    • STARTED_TASK: Event that can be triggered when the user starts a task
    • FINISHED_TASK: Event that can be triggered when the user finishes a task
  • app : attribute with the id of the APP


  • Code: 200
    • Status: OK
    • Example:
    "message": "Evento enviado com sucesso!"
  • Code: 400
    • Status: Bad Request
    • Example:
    "message": [
        "Campo us não informado",
        "Campo dt não informado",
        "Campo ev não informado",
        "Campo app não informado"
  • Code: 500
    • Status: Internal Error
    • Example:
    "message": "O evento não foi enviado. Por favor, entre em contato com o administrador."