This endpoint records data related to the assigning of activities or group studies for classes or students.

Request structure


  • Authorization : Access Token provided by the Request Token endpoint
  • Content-Type : application/json

Json in Caliper API format containing student, subject, activyty and grade information.

      "dateCreated":<DATE TIME>,
      "dateModified":<DATE TIME>,
      "dateToStartOn":<DATE TIME>,
      "dateToSubmit":<DATE TIME>,
      "activities": <INTEGER>
   "eventTime":<DATE TIME>,
      "Students": <INTEGER>

Required Fields

FieldContent descriptionAccepeted valuesRequired
@context Defaut value as in the payload body descriptionyes
IdDefaut value as in the payload body descriptionyes
typeIndicates the event that originated the data.AssignableEventyes
profileIndicates the type of event related to the structure of the data representing the event.AssignableProfileyes
actor.typeIdentifies the system where the event occurs.yes
actor.hostURL to the system where the event occurs.yes
actionType of action being recorded in the event. For this API, actions are related to activation or deactivation of a learning object.Activated,
object.idIdentifier code for the Learning Objectyes
object.typeType of learning object being assigned.Activity,
object.nameTitle of the learning objectyes
object.dateCreatedDate Time of assignment.yes
object.dateModifiedDate Time of modifications of the learning object [Optional]no
object.dateToStartOnDate when students must start taking the learning object.[Optional]no
object.dateToSubmit Due date for students taks submission.[Optional]no
object.activitiesTotal (number of) activities assigned to the class.yes
edAppIdentifier code of the edtech in the Hub platform, in URN format and UUID type.yes
group.iduuid for the schoolyes
group.typeType of the assigned object[Optional]no
group.courseNumberUUID for the class to witch the learning object is beeing assigned.yes
group.academicSessionLeave emptyno
group.studentsInforms the total number os students enrolled in the class.yes
generated.typeType of result assignment for the activity performed by the student.Scoreno


  • Code: 200
    • Status: OK
"@context": "",
"id": "urn:uuid:<<UUID>>"
  • Code: 400
    • Status: Bad Request
    "message": [
          "Field <fieldname> not informed"
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