• Subject entity object
    "name": "Matemática", // Name of course (mandatory and unique)
    "code": "mat01", // Discipline code (optional and unique)
    "ccc": "MAT", // Curricular component code (optional)
    "mec": 3, // MEC standard curriculum component code
    "status": "active" // Object status (active, arquived, suspended)

To see: data dictionary

  • name : name of the discipline, must be unique per educational institution
  • code : unique discipline code
  • Curricular component
    • Identifies the base discipline and the knowledge area of ​​the discipline indicated by the institution
    • ccc : curricular component code
    • mec : code of the standard curriculum component MEC


The curricular component can be indicated either by the standard code of the HUB ( ccc ) or by the standard code of the MEC ( mec ). Consult the data dictionary to identify patterns