Parameter "status" of objects can be used to suspend or archive user as instructed below

  • archived: Archived record, you cannot modify it. visible only to administrators and related users
    • ex: archived student is visible to the parent
  • suspended: Registration suspended, it is not possible to modify. Visible only to administrators
    "doo": "2018/11/05T15:25:16.584Z", // Date the event occurred (with the hours) (date of occurrence)
    "ver": "1.0.0", // Protocol version
    "who": "sis.12458", // Data source
    "org_id": "b253081c016x11eab2d30672699b542a", // Key representing an organization
    "dat":[ // Array com os eventos em batch
            "typ": "update", // Event action identifier (insert, update and delete)
            "obj": {
                "user": [ // Array of user objects
                      "sis_id": "123123",
                      "code": "125054",
                      "status": "suspended"

To see: data dictionary