This endpoint records data about the execution of a question, task, assignement or project in the Learning Analytics Data Lake for further data analisys.

Tasks have execution stages that specify whether the task has started or ended. Those stages are represented using the action field.

  • Started : Indicates that the student started performing the task
  • Submitted : Indicates that the student has completed the task
  • Abandoned : Indicates that the student abandoned the task without having completed it
  • Aborted : indicates that the task was compulsorily finished by time out or by any other execution condition
  • Abnormal Termination: Indicates that the task was terminated due to a technical failure in the EdTech's system

Request structure


  • Authorization : Access Token provided by the Request Token endpoint
  • Content-Type : application/json

Json in Caliper API format containing task information.

Required Fields

  • actor : Identifies the student who is performing the task
  • action : Determines the stage of task execution
  • object : Identifies the learning object to which the task relates

Payload example

      "name":"Quiz One",
      "courseNumber":"CPS 435-01",
      "academicSession":"Fall 2016"


  • Code: 200
    • Status: OK
    "message": "Task execution stage recorded successfuly"
  • Code: 400
    • Status: Bad Request
    "message": [
           "Field <fieldname> not informed"
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