Certification Process

Certification Flow

Certification Process


Fluxo Integração EdTech

  • Each phase new information is gathered for the EdTech's registration
  • In each phase, the EdTech's score is updated based on the results of the analyses
  • Manual process, but over time it should become automatic
    • the result of each phase will generate automations for monitoring, so that at the end of the technical analysis, they can be included in the EdTech's automatic monitoring flow
  • At the end of this process, the EdTech will be released to be integrated to the HUB with the 5 levels of quality:
    • Business
    • Pedagogy
    • Security
    • Usability
    • Technical
  • The integration schedule should be followed according to alignments and definitions at the beginning of the process
  • Phases 1 to 3 should be repeated every year to ensure the SEAL
  • During the process, for each problem found that we identify as an obstacle, we will provide the necessary support for the EdTech to comply

Barramento OpenEdu

Phase 0 - Business and Pedagogy Analysis

  • Phase where the validation of business and pedagogy is done
  • In this phase, the EdTech will be registered in the system for the diagnosis to be made
  • Technical analysis only starts after pedagogy and business approval, technical analysis begins

Fase 0 - Análise de Negócio e Pedagógica

Phase 1 - Basic Information Analysis

  • In this phase, the EdTech receives a technical questionnaire to answer
    • this questionnaire will allow us to understand the maturity of the EdTech development

Fase 1 - Analise das Informações Básicas



✅ Integration documentation
✅ Technical report

Phase 2 - Security and Usability Analysis

  • In this phase we will validate the solution's security criteria along with the team and tools
  • We will also validate the solution's usability (web and mobile)

Fase 2 - Análise de Segurança e Usabilidade

Phase 3 - API Analysis

  • In this phase, all APIs that can be used for data integration will be analyzed
    • We validate the APIs according to market standards and how it responds to integrations with the HUB
  • After validation and approval of EdTech
    • earns the annual compatibility seal
    • is registered in the EdTech monitoring system
    • EdTech is able to start development of integrations

Fase 3 - Análise das APIs