🦶 First steps

What is HUB.Educational?

HUB.Educational is a technology for educational institutions, which integrates educational solutions in a 🔐secure environment, with a 🔑 single sign-on and 📈 analytics.

HUB.Educational APIs become the data integration automation for developers and simplifies the sign-on experience for students, teachers and parents, removing obstacles that prevent the use of technology in the students learning and school management process.

For developers, integration with the HUB.Educational APIs, means that your software can be deployed in almost any school (public or private), without any additional development, rostering or integration work.

API includes:

  • Authentication;
  • Rostering;
  • Integration with multiple solutions;
  • Data security layer;
  • Public area compatibility services;
  • Personalized Co-Marketing.

What is it for?

HUB.Educational allows you to bring together, in a single environment, all the digital solutions used by schools, enabling them to be accessed with a single sign-on.

Intended for public and private educational institutions, it is also the collaborative ecosystem, where schools and Edtechs can contribute data that, when crossed, generate new insights for the continuous development of education.

Besides HUB.Educational provides an additional layer of security in the exchange of personal data between educational institutions and educational solutions, protecting data and anonymize communication with EdTechs.


To access the integration methods, make your pre-registration through the website:

hub.educacional.com or contact us by email [email protected] for further information.