🤖 Integrations

HUB.Educational has 2 types of integration, Login and Data. For both integrations, your solution must be certified by HUB.Educational and authorized by the educational institution.

Login integration is done based on LTI, where a user identifier is sent to your solution, which is responsible for managing the user's session within the application itself. If your solution also uses data integration, this user can be identified based on the identifier sent at the time of login via HUB.Educational .

What data is shared

For each solution, the institution can configure which users will have access and what data will be shared. The data available for integration are:

For all users

  • id : Global and unique ID provided by HUB.Educational and generated at user creation
    • note: it is not the same ID used by the academic system or the school
  • código do usuário : enrollment used and informed by the school
  • nome : user's full name
  • idade : user age
    • example minimized form: 20-30
  • CPF : User social security number, if you have
  • telefone : user's phone
  • e-mail : user email
  • tipo do usuário : user's role in the institution

ℹ️ The registration and bagging data of each institution will only be shared with the institution's authorization. For each educational solution connected to the educational institution's HUB, it is possible to indicate which users will have access, which data of these users will be shared and whether this data will be sent anonymously (default) or openly. So every solution must be prepared to receive this information according to the institution's configuration.

Example of an object sent with minimized data

    "chave_registro": 188,
    "id": "C61CF12C-1111-2222-3333-9672399B542S",
    "papel": "coordenador",
    "codigo_usuario": "8153",
    "nome_usuario": "Carlos R. D. L.",
    "cpf": "***876367**",
    "telefone": "(82) 26**-***3",
    "email_usuario": "ca***[email protected]",
    "idade": "21-30"

* The educational institution can choose not to send user data, in which case the object is sent only with the fields id, papel, codigo_usuario

Access to integration APIs

All integration APIs require that an API-Key be sent for authentication and authorization. This key allows the HUB to identify your solution and verify the authorization to send or consult data granted by the educational institution.


"x-api-key": "21-nSTa8Le0.1PmyDe0dua1ykh2xXes0hi9cYqMcvfnmJklEa6EfOMU"

If API-Key is not sent, your solution should receive the low error


401 - Unauthorized, not sent invalid API-KEY or Scope

  "message": "Unauthorized"